InnerSkating tells the story of the i nterior and i ntimate life o f a series of urban spaces which have been gathered, produced, melt, reproduced and broken down through photographic experimentation by Michele Pesce. A collection of shoots, taken in multiple planetary metropolis during recent years: astute colors overlappings and perspectives, geometrical articulations and double-splittings, sensorial overloads that are able to go towards the extinction of the primordial  matter itself, up to the conscious and self-inducted adrift of the mnemonic hallucination.


FromTheWall (graffiti sculpture)

Defragment (mixed media)

FromTheWall (canvas studies)

Old School Graffiti Writing (CDP graffiti)

Graffiti Writing (graffiti)

Polaroid (photo)

Ilford 35mm (photo)

InnerSkating (photo)

InnerSkating V.2.0 (mixed media)

Magma (canvas)

UrbanD-sign (photo)

UrbanD-sign V.2 (photo)

Arkitekt (photo)

FukingBeautifulWorld (photo)

© Michele Pesce 2011