Born in Naples in 1976, I started my first experience of artistic production as a GraffitiWriter.

Since 1997 I have been charter member of CDPSTUDIOS, and it’s in this period that I try to traspose Urban scenes I worked about, in a wider project of motion graphic,photography and visual arts, where I arrange the style of urban design with the techniques and the expressive potentialities of the informatic instruments.

In 2002, with two neapolitan deejays (HeartBit), I create EIGHTBITRATE, an artistic project that lies together digital music and low-fi graphic, inspired to the first videogames of the 80’s.


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Name: Michele Pesce

Address:Via Cupa San Pietro, 73
80147 - Naples - Italy

P.IVA: 08044231218

Tel: +39 3394764910




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